Alcoholism and the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde Effect

Alcoholism and the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde Effect

Often as a compliment to social occasions, alcoholic beverages are included as part of the plan. Sports gatherings, family events, corporate conventions and meetings usually include wine, beer, whisky and other hard core drinks on the menu. And people are encouraged by others to engage and drink up.

For some at the end of the party, their over consumption of alcoholic beverages has changed them into completely different individuals, altering otherwise pleasant personalities. Happy occasions, especially involving close friends and family frequently ends up being unpleasant, because someone has lost control resulting from alcohol abuse.

Understanding the Disease of Alcoholism

The medical professional has long since determined that uncontrolled consumption of alcohol is a disease. The causes of this disease vary based on genetics, how the brain reacts, emotional disposition, and social environment.

People drink for different reasons.

  • It empowers
  • Increases self esteem
  • Helps minimize problems
  • Promotes sensations of happiness

Whatever the multiple factors that drive you to lose control, drinking adversely affects you and those that you care most about.

What are addictive behaviors?

A behavior is addictive when it becomes an action you can’t control and you know that it’s undermining how you want to live your life.

  • It is damaging to you and to those around you. You use alcohol compulsively even though it’s destroying your job, health, and relationships. What you value most.
  • Your addiction retains a position of priority in your life.
  • You deny your dependency.

The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Effect

Some determine that if you drink and become an entirely different person this is symptomatic of psychopathic behavior. You’re uncomfortable with yourself, and frequently show others a persona that isn’t you. Dr. Jekyll showed congenial human characteristics. Those he knew were humane and respected. However, there was another side as we all know that was completely opposite.

External Help is Warranted

When drinking alcohol reverses who you are and afterwards your behavior devastates you, this requires professional help. It’s not to say that you are psychotic, but it does indicate that turning to alcohol to help you deal with the mental prison you find yourself in is detrimental to you. It’s an unhealthy remedy.

There are medical, spiritual, and alternative options to deal with alcohol abuse. This isn’t a solo journey. Reach out and seek the help you need to change your life.

Contact us now if you are ready to get off drugs and alcohol. We know this is a hard step, and can cause many fears to surface. We’ll help arrange detox services for you, and then be ready to welcome you back for the challenging and rewarding rehab step. You won’t be alone in your journey.


Anxiety and Addiction Go Hand In Hand

Anxiety and Addiction Go Hand In Hand

Substance abuse creates emotional and physical turmoil, so it’s no wonder that anxiety and addiction go hand in hand. For the addicts themselves, use of alcohol and drugs makes a pretense of easing fear and anxiety. For loved ones of an addict, fear and anxiety become part of everyday life as they wonder and worry about what lies ahead on the path of substance abuse. Contacting a treatment center to learn about coping with anxiety and addiction is an important first step in recovery.

Alcohol and drugs give false sense of security

Ask an alcoholic or drug addict why they drink or use, and they can provide an infinite list of excuses. In reality, they drink and use because they want to alter how they feel.  If they have anxiety and fear about how they measure up against others and how they can cope with life, they convince themselves that alcohol and drugs will give them confidence and turn despair into joy. Thus anxiety and addiction become dysfunctional bedfellows. When they enter recovery treatment and they lose the crutch of a chemical substance, their emotions come to the surface with vengeance. They become even more anxious, wondering whether they can stay sober. With the assistance of professional therapists and counselors, as well as group meetings with others in recovery, addicts can learn to reduce anxiety and increase chances of staying sober without relapse.

Emotional sobriety requires new ways of thinking

Once a person decides to live a sober life, a new way of thinking and behaving has to come into play. It is an ongoing process of learning to recognize what triggers the patterns leading to a desire for relief through alcohol or drugs. Developing healthy patterns of thinking leads to a solution for anxiety and addiction. Loved ones can reduce their anxiety by learning how to detach emotionally from the addict.  Practicing detachment, or letting go, while maintaining compassion for the addict takes practice.  Recovery treatment and group support are the best tools for families to deal with their own anxiety and addiction to someone else’s problem.

Contact us now if you are ready to get off drugs and alcohol. We know this is a hard step, and can cause many fears to surface. We’ll help arrange detox services for you, and then be ready to welcome you back for the challenging and rewarding rehab step. You won’t be alone in your journey.

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Is Mental Health Affecting Your Addiction?

Is Mental Health Affecting Your Addiction?

Challenges Drug Rehab Center

Effectively treating drug addiction is a difficult task especially when you consider that many are seeking or are in treatment unfortunately do not realize that they suffer from co-occurring disorders.  These co-occurring disorders are pre-existing emotional or psychiatric conditions that include but are not limited to bi-polar, anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, grief and trauma, sex addictions, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, anxiety, and many others.  The co-occurring disorders many times are a trigger that causes relapse.  Your mental health needs to be addressed while in treatment as well as relapse prevention techniques.  In our program it is an important part of your recovery plan to focus on all three; addiction treatment, mental health, and relapse prevention.

Clients Learn the Underlying Problem

Using over 17 years of drug and alcohol addiction expertise including drug rehab Miami area, Challenges foundational philosophy of treatment is to provide dignified care with a holistic approach, combining mental health and substance abuse treatment in a coordinated, highly individualized and flexible treatment plan.  Clients and staff address these issues during treatment, thereby creating the potential for understanding and resolution. By combining Relapse Prevention modalities and the latest research regarding co-occurring disorders, the client gets a comprehensive approach to a potentially debilitating disorder. Clinically, Challenges works with the client’s defense mechanisms, attempting to assist the client in shedding their false self and allow their true self to emerge.

Group therapy and individual psychotherapy are often part of the dual diagnosis treatment process. The process helps patients get clarity on their psychological problem and receive support from other people who are going through similar experiences. In addition to therapy, dual diagnosis patients at Challenges will go through education on alcohol and drugs. The education will help patients identify what the drugs and alcohol are doing to their bodies and minds. Education in exercise and proper nutrition is also part of dual diagnosis treatment. These skills can help patients replace their drug and alcohol dependence with supportive and healthy habits.

The treatment program at Challenges Addiction Treatment Center for dual diagnosis will be very specific to the type of emotional or psychological problem that the patient is experiencing. Getting help for both substance abuse and emotional problems at the same time from a qualified dual diagnosis treatment center can be the only key for some patients to stay sober and get a new lease on life.

The Holistic Approach to Addiction Treatment

The most successful treatment programs focus on more than treating just the addiction.  At Challenges we offer a unique experience with personalized treatment plans, Evidence-Based Psychotherapy and Natural Wellness Programs for drug addiction, alcoholism, Compulsive Behavior and Dual Diagnosis including Bipolar, Depression, ADD/ADHD, PTSD and other Psychiatric and Mental Disorders.

Successfully Preventing Relapse

For over 17 years Challenges Addiction Treatment Center has given proven evidence based tools for people who have been looking for answers to their frustration about their inability to remain clean and sober.  The atmosphere at the Challenges Addiction Treatment Center is caring and supportive, and provides individuals with all of the tools necessary to start recovery and to maintain long term sobriety from addiction or chronic relapse.

Life-Long Sobriety!

Treating the co-occurring disorders or pre-existing emotional or psychiatric conditions; bi-polar, anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, grief and trauma, sex addictions, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, anxiety, must be a part of your treatment plan to obtain sobriety.

Challenges treatment is tailored to address a person’s psychological, emotional, physical and social conditions. The primary goal of addiction treatment is the elimination or sustained reduction in alcohol or drug use, a continuous improvement of personal health, and a regular expansion of the individual’s social ability. There is a diversity of medically based approaches to drug addiction and alcoholism treatment and may be mental, medicinal or a combination of the two. Behavioral therapies, such as counseling, cognitive therapy, or psychotherapy, offer the addicted individual the tools to cope with drug cravings, as well as train them to avoid addictive substances and associated behaviors!

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Partial Hospitalization Program and Intensive

Partial Hospitalization Program and Intensive Outpatient Program: One Step at a Time

Searching for help for a loved one is an overwhelming experience trying to sort through the many treatment options.  One must rely on addiction counselors and treatment experts to provide the best possible treatment that will achieve long-term sobriety.

How do you know who to trust?

If you have heart problems you want to go to an established heart-specialist that is a respected in their field to treat you.  Challenges Treatment Center has been one of the longest running treatment programs for over 17 years.  Our addiction treatment program is one of the nation’s highest respected relapse prevention, chronic relapse, and co-occurring disorders treatment centers in America and is in network with 14 insurance companies, while also accepting numerous out of network benefits!

When you mention treatment in regard to alcohol and drug abuse, most people tend to think of either detox or a long-term inpatient facility. The fact is drug or alcohol abuse treatment, involves both of these, as well as a variety of other services. Treatment for abusing drugs and alcohol is most often defined as a set of services to arrest or curtail the destructive patterns of substance abuse and drug addiction.

First Step – Detox

For many individuals, Detoxification (Detox) is a first step toward becoming clean and sober. Actually, Detox is the mechanism by which a team of doctors and nurses administers the care necessary to cleanse the patient of the toxins and substances the patient has been abusing. One must be careful in choosing the right Detox Facility.

In certain cases a complete detox can be difficult for an individual depending upon the substances they have been using, their own medical history, and the quantity and frequency of their use of such substances. When an individual stops using the substances they have been abusing or addicted to there can be severe withdrawal symptoms which must be monitored and treated by a team of experienced doctors and nurses.

Challenges does not provide the actual detox medical services but Challenges has and does work closely with a network of the most respected, highly qualified and experienced detox facilities in Dade, Broward County as well as Palm Beach County. With the most addiction treatment experience (17 years), we know where to get the best possible inpatient detox, and outpatient detox treatment and rely on us during this overwhelming and confusing time to ensure the best possible care for you or a loved one.

The role of Challenges is to case manage , assess the symptoms and needs of the individual and then based upon such individual’s needs, substance using history and medical history refer them to the best detox facility suited to meet those needs.  We only work with the best of the best because we rely on these specific detox organizations to treat our clients and get them ready for our extensive relapse prevention, chronic relapse, and co-occurring treatment plans to help achieve lifelong sobriety!

Second Step – PHP, or IOP


Partial Hospitalization Program or PHP are for the more extreme cases of severe addiction.  PHP can be 30, 60, or 90 days depending on the severity.  This treatment option is under close supervision and involves intensive treatment to stabilize the patient.

A Partial Hospitalization program, (PHP), provides a stable, all inclusive approach to assisting an individual in understanding and coping with their issues. Partial Hospitalization is considered to be the last resort for individuals whom substance abuse has caused them to be an endangerment to themselves and others around them. Partial Hospitalization offers both medical and psychiatric care in a structured environment that enables the patient to gain a sense of security in a safe, secure environment for where stability and supervision is provided on a 24 hour basis.

While in treatment at Challenges Addiction Treatment Center within the Partial Hospitalization program, clients live in our residential housing where we provide a safe, sober and structured living environment. The program is designed to allow our clients the ability to fully submerse themselves into treatment without the worries of outside influences.

Experienced and professionally trained staff supervises clients at our clinical center and their residence. Clients are transported by staff, day and evening to recovery meetings, shopping, medical and/or legal appointments, if necessary, and to any other appointments approved by the treatment team. Recreational activities are arranged for clients such as cookouts, volleyball games, softball games, picnics, beach outings, aerobics, shopping, bowling, movies and other group excursions.

Our  seaside complex provides the perfect environment for recovery during the Partial Hospitalization program. Challenges residence is located in an upscale condo type community and is fully managed and monitored 24 hours, 7 days a week by our staff. All client transportation is provided by Challenges.


Outpatient treatment allows you to continue you daily life, work, spend time with loved ones.  And be in the comfort of your own home.  When you enroll in our evening Intensive Outpatient Program you will be able to maintain parts of your life which are important to recovery. (IOP)

The Intensive Outpatient Program at Challenges Addiction Treatment Center is an evening program that allows you or a loved one to continue working, spending time with loved ones and focuses on addiction and relapse treatment practices as well as basic chemical dependency education. Participants in this program meet three evenings per week over a twelve week period, for a total of 36 sessions. This also includes group and family sessions. All work is goal-oriented and participants meet – and often exceed – measurable outcomes!

Participation in the Intensive Outpatient includes:

  • Psychosocial Assessments and Family Therapy
  • Continuing Aftercare
  • Outpatient Medical Assessments
  • Chemical Dependency Education Series
  • Continuing Outcome Studies
  • Individual Case Management with Reporting
  • Lectures, Videos and Interactive Groups Focused on Relapse Prevention
  • Relapse Work Models, Books and All Other Materials Needed
  • Referral to Other Appropriate Local Recovery Resources as Needed

Whether you or a loved one are suffering from a severe addiction or need treatment, you can rely on the most respected drug treatment center for over 17 years that focuses on relapse prevention, chronic relapse, and co-occurring disorders to provide the best treatment options for you from detox, PHP, IOP, Transitional living, Residential, Holistic Wellness, and Family programs.

Call us today because we are serious when we say “relapse ends here!”  

Debate Over Anonymity and Addiction Recovery?

Debate Over Anonymity and Addiction Recovery?

Debate Over Anonymity and Addiction Recovery?

Challenges Addiction Treatment Center

There is a growing debate over anonymity in Addiction Recovery that has been in the headlines recently surrounding Alcoholics Anonymous and whether AA members should remain anonymous, and this question has spilled into a debate over anonymity in addiction recovery as well.

Some professionals in the field of drug and alcohol addiction recovery believe anonymity is a key requirement for addiction treatment.  While other professionals maintain that dropping anonymity in addiction treatment would be a disaster.

The New York Times has taken the debate to a new level.

Molly Jong-Fast, 32, a New York novelist who became sober in AA 12 years ago, agrees.

“It’s seems crazy that we can’t just be out with it, in this day and age,” Jong-Fast said. “I don’t want to have to hide my sobriety; it’s the best thing about me.”

How do you view this controversial subject?

Link to read more about the New York Times article as well as the debate over recovery and anonymity.

Challenges has been providing drug and alcohol treatment and mental health services for over 17 years, and is in network with 14 insurance companies, and accepts numerous out of network benefits!  Challenges is a highly respected relapse prevention, chronic relapse, and co-occurring disorders treatment center.

Dual Diagnosis aka Co-Occuring, aka Disorders

Dual Diagnosis aka Co-Occuring, aka Disorders

Challenges Addiction Treatment Center, Pompano Beach, FL

Dual diagnosis (co-occurring disorders) is the condition of suffering from a mental illness and a substance abuse problem. There is controversy surrounding the appropriateness of labeling a group of individuals with complex needs and a varied range of problems. It can be used broadly, for example, depression and alcoholism, or to specify severe mental illness (e.g. psychosis, schizophrenia) and substance misuse disorder (e.g. drug abuse), or a person who has a milder mental illness and a drug dependency, such as panic disorder or generalized anxiety disorder and is dependent on opioids. Diagnosing a primary psychiatric illness in substance abusers is challenging as drug abuse itself, often inducing psychiatric symptoms, thus making it necessary to differentiate between substance induced and/or pre-existing mental illness.

The interchangeable labels (dual diagnosis, co-occurring, and COD) suggest that there are only two disorders occurring at the same time, when in fact there may be more. Clients with co-occurring disorders (COD) may have one or more disorders relating to the use of alcohol and/or other drugs of abuse as well as one or more mental disorders. A diagnosis of co-occurring disorders occurs when at least one disorder of each type can be established independent of the other and is not simply a cluster of symptoms.

There are five main categories of mental illness:

Anxiety disorders – This is the most common form of mental illness. Within this category, there are three main types including phobias, panic disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorders. The symptoms for these disorders can range from extreme fear and sudden terror, to repetitive behaviors.

Mood disorders – Depression and bipolar disorder belong in this category. Individuals with this type of disorder have symptoms including extreme mood swings, disturbances while eating and sleeping, and shifts in activity and energy levels.

Schizophrenia – This disease affects three main brain functions – thought, emotion, and behavior. Chemical imbalances cause these individuals to have hallucinations, delusions, withdrawal, incoherent speech, and impaired reasoning.

Dementia – There is an entire group of disorders that fall under dementia such as Alzheimer’s. The disorder causes individuals to lose memory, intelligence, and physical ability.

Eating disorders – Eating disorders have been commonly discussed within pop culture because of thin models and celebrities. Anorexia nervosa and bulimia are disorders that involve obsessions with body weight and food. Key characteristics of this behavior can include those who binge, purge, and exercise excessively.

Common examples of co-occurring disorders include the combinations of major depression with cocaine addiction, alcohol addiction with panic disorder, alcoholism and poly-drug addiction, and borderline personality disorder. Although the focus of this is on dual disorders, some patients have more than two. The principles that apply to dual disorders generally apply also to multiple.

Group therapy and individual psychotherapy are often part of the dual diagnosis treatment process. The process helps patients get clarity on their psychological problem and receive support from other people who are going through similar experiences. In addition to therapy, dual diagnosis patients should go through education on alcohol and drugs. The education will help patients identify what the drugs and alcohol are doing to their bodies and minds. Education in exercise and proper nutrition is also part of dual diagnosis treatment. These skills can help patients replace their drug and alcohol dependence with supportive and healthy habits.

The treatment program at ChallengesAddictionTreatmentCenter for dual diagnosis is very specific to the type of emotional or psychological problem that the patient is experiencing. Getting help for both substance abuse and emotional problems at the same time from a qualified dual diagnosis treatment center can be the key for some patients to stay sober and get a new lease on life.

Challenges has been providing drug and alcohol treatment and mental health services for over 17 years, is in network with 14 insurance companies, and accepts numerous out of network benefits.  Challenge’s is highly respected in the areas of relapse prevention, chronic relapse, and co-occurring disorders.


The Family Oriented Rehab Center!

The Family Oriented Rehab Center!

Miami Rehab Center

The personalities that are behind Challenges Rehab Center’s Rehab Center have a lot to do with its success. The doctors and the staff have contributed a great deal to the well being of the patients and the families are happy with how their loved ones are being treated. Rehab Center by Challenges Rehab Center is a big family itself. There’s a genuine concern for each patient. From the time you enter it’s premises you will know right away that you are in the right place. The warmth that greets you will put your mind at ease. Your loved ones have found a second home.

The medicines and the treatment methods have a lot to do with the ultimate cure of your loved ones. The right drugs and the proper approach will help in bringing them back in spending their normal lives once more. There’s a third ingredient that is more important to drugs and clinical approach and this is the human factor. No matter how effective the drugs are in used and highly modern the treatment facilities are, the personal touch is crucial to the overall betterment of your loved ones.

This is what we have in large supply. This is what Challenges Rehab Center’s Miami Rehab Center is all about.

Everyone interacts with each other like family members. The one on one interview, the group discussions and the rapport that each has for each other are based on real concern one has for another. Treatment to be really effective will have to transcend the drugs and clinical therapy.

Another important aspect that Challenges Rehab Center’s Rehab Center has going for it is the responsibility that your loved ones are assigned to their fellow patient. The doctors and the staff are not the only ones that give encouragement to the patients but each of the patients also encourages one another.

Challenges Rehab Center has its facilities annually evaluated and continues to pass with flying colors. While some rehab centers are getting warnings for sub standard facilities and performance and others were closed altogether, Challenges Rehab Center is getting high ratings not only for their facilities, treatment methods and effective medication, but also for thier high rate of patient cures and very minimum relapses.

The owners of Challenges Rehab Center are respectable people who are always on the lookout to improve their services. They put their patients’ welfare ahead of anything. The entire facility is geared in giving only the best quality treatment, with the end result nothing less than total cure.

Proper clinical treatment and medication, personalized contact and owner respect for patients has made Challenges Rehab Center’s one of the best alternatives in giving your loved ones another shot at high quality life.

We Deliver On Our Actual Performance!

We Deliver On Our Actual Performance!

Challenges Program – Rehab Center: it’s not the promise that counts, but the actual performance and results!

Fort Lauderdale Rehab Center
Before you place yourself or your love ones in the hands of strangers in the search of improving your quality of life, you have to be pretty sure that this is the right place where you want to do it and the people you want to deal with. Trust should be 100%. It means that you can rely and depend on the people running the care facilities to treat you using approved and well proven techniques. And that you are not just getting a simple treatment, but a total cure. There’s a big difference between the two. The first one would only mean temporary solution and the other one means permanent escape from addiction.

We’d like to assure you that our Rehab Center run by Challenges Rehab Center is more about the curative approach.

A series of treatment is necessary to obtain the ultimate cure. These are required in order to obtain the cure. However treatment is not the end, it’s just the means. Treatments should be effective in order for them to deliver the main reason why you commit yourself to a Rehab Center, and that is total cure, and after that, the prevention of relapses.

And what do we mean by a series of treatments. Do they constitute only of drugs and medications? These are just part of the entire treatment procedure. We need to administer them to detoxify our brain and body. They will eliminate the poisonous effect of the illegal drugs from your system in order for your body to heal. Again, we’d like to ensure you that these are government approved drugs.

And as your body responds to the medication, we will start another series of treatments and this time they don’t involve drugs anymore, although you will have maintenance pills or capsules until you are totally out of the woods.

The drugless treatment will be more on developing your mental strength; thus the most crucial part of the treatment. Your mental stability is very important since you will once more go back living in the society’s mainstream. It won’t be long when old influences and habits that placed you in the Rehab Center will come back to haunt you again or your loved ones for that matter.

This is where the mental conditioning will come in. You will remember the counseling that you obtained from your doctors and fellow patients while in the center. And you will also recall how you became a counselor yourself and helped others to survive the worst and became whole and new again. You are now wise in the ways of bad drug dealers and drug addicts. You have learned your lessons and made others learn theirs too.

There’s a lot of what we can do, not only by making promises, but in delivering actual results. Our Rehab Center has a proven success record to this effect.

We see to it that we deliver not only on our promise , but on our actual performance. Promises are not enough; it’s the final results that count.


Patient Cooperation And Family Involvement Help A Lot!

Patient Cooperation And Family Involvement Help A Lot!

Challenges Program, Rehab Center is your home away from home while seeking to improve your quality of life

Choosing the right Rehab Center will help a lot in overcoming addiction, its treatment and finally the complete cure of the patient. Not all rehab centers are able to sustain the best treatment values in the long run and this is the reason why some of them get the closure order from the authorities.

If you notice anybody showing signs of drug dependence, especially those close to you, help them to seek treatment at the earliest possible time. The longer the addiction is left untreated more physical or mental degradation will follow. These drugs will eat into the brain and central nervous system of the victim. Impairment of thought and action process is highly possible.

Rehab Center In Florida by Challenges Rehab Center will help you to improve the quality of life of your loved ones.

When you express your desire to enter our facilities we will need your cooperation before we can start our treatment. We will explain to you with the help of your love ones why you need to do this and what support you can get from them and from us. Later on you will also have interaction with your new friends inside and help encourage one another. You will support each other.

We have observed the effectiveness of this technique and it helped a lot of our patients to return to their normal lives and they never backslide to their old bad habits. Some of them even return to encourage those who were left behind and serve as inspirations. Our high quality approach and creative methodology have given us a high success rating and because of this many of those who suffered drug addiction sought to be treated in our Rehab Center In Florida.

And why are we still advertizing? There’s always room for one more especially for those who wants to overcome their weakness using high quality approach. We have other branches where we can help them seek refuge. We are in business for sure, but we are doing it with compassion. We don’t just rush advocating treatment, but there are set standards to help clarify what the treatment is all about and where it is going to. Of course we don’t do it alone. The patient will be involved 100% in the treatment issue since it is they who will have to undergo it.

Their self confidence will have to be strengthened so that they won’t feel being forced into doing something that they don’t want to do. The success of the treatment and its ultimate cure will depend on their ability to finish the entire course.

Our Rehab Center In Florida is using standard treatment procedures with the most advance facilities, equipment, and latest in treatment approach.

Trust us to give only the best and highest quality treatment methods. If there’s something that you can expect of us, it involves total and permanent patient cure. We have some of the most qualified doctors and personnel in the rehab development. You or your patient can’t expect nothing less from us.


We Have A More Effective Approach In Treating Addiction!

We Have A More Effective Approach In Treating Addiction!

Challenges rehad centerChallenges Rehab Center is not only a treatment facility, but it also provides a home for those who really want to be completely and permanently cured.

Prescription drug addiction is again on the rise and in the center of controversy. It seems that some rich people are using it more than necessary. If you are one of these victims or any of your family members are into this, early treatment will help yourself or loved ones from the trouble of these addicting drugs. By seeking treatment, the effect of addiction can easily be reversed and prolonged addiction to other drugs will be prevented. It is easy to jump from a prescription drug addiction to heroin, which is even worse.

Challenges Rehab Center has gladly seen their patients making the right choices and having their lives back.

There are two options you can choose. The patients are either interned until the duration of the treatment or they can opt for outpatient arrangement. Our successful and solid performance in treating substance addiction has strengthened our position as a rehab center of preference. We have a well managed and ran institution.

Challenges Rehab Center operates with a valid license, the same do our practitioners. We have never been accused of any violation and we are always giving attention to our responsibilities to the community where we belong.  When you choose Challenges Rehab Center, you are choosing not only a drug rehab facility, you are giving yourself or your loved one a chance to get completely cured from addictions.

We’ll make sure that the nightmare ends here and now. You will start a new life away from the horrible effects of being a drug addict. Everyone will play a role in your total rehabilitation, which will include even the patients themselves who are seeking a new life away from the addicting effects of the drugs.

The treatment approached is two prongs. The physiological stage of treatment will require drugs to be administered. This is to counter the effect of the illegal drug you’ve been using inside your body. The medicines are necessary to keep the body’s metabolism functioning normally.

On the other side of things, aside from physiological needs, the emotional side of the body also has to be taken care of. A physically sound body cannot exist alone without the mental state getting attention. On this effect, Challenges Rehab Center  also provides an ambiance conducive to treatment.

Challenges Rehab Center has all the necessary home trappings to allow our patients to exist in a normal environment not just as treatment facilities.

It’s your choice really whether you want to stay as an inpatient or just a visiting outpatient.  We have helped patients by using both methods. You or your love ones will get all the necessary attention to overcome the addiction without any bad side effects.